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Document Redesign: Critique

Project 2.0.


Contrast: This flyer uses contrast in some places and in others it needs much more. At the top of the document “Rocky’s Fitness & Training” stands out well against the yellow background. As the gradient changes from yellow to black, however, the different texts elements and their shadows all seem to lose a sense of structure and importance. The gradient itself also doesn’t exude a sense of stark contrast in the flyer. While it may direct the reader’s eyes down the document, it doesn’t allow elements to stand out well from one another. Additionally, the shadow behind “Competition Lifts” in conjunction with the overlaying black-white gradient makes the text difficult to read. White, yellow, and black do contrast each other at times but the lack of dynamic colors in this flyer makes it boring. Having an actual image of a powerlifting and real weights instead of a silhouette would add a level of excitement.

Alignment: With the exception of the block of text below and ‘within’ the figure of the man and barbell, alignment seems to be adequate — just barely acceptable. The block of text below the image does not align well with the information to the left making it seem a bit awkward. The text next to the figure of the man is also poorly aligned. I can see that the misalignment of the different parts of the text was intentional in order to add a sense of difference or possibly some sort of style. In reality, it just looks messy. “1st Annual” is at a different angle than “Steel Valley Classic” and both of those are off-kilter compared to “Powerlifting Competition” directly below. The intentional misalignment here detracts from the aesthetics of the flyer. Almost all text blocks are center aligned. Adding some appropriate variety would help the flyer’s visual appeal.

Repetition: “Rocky’s Fitness & Training” is mentioned twice in the flyer. Once in big, bold text at the very top of the document and again below the date. The address can instead be placed at the very bottom of the flyer. Text shadows and bevels are repetitive but not in a good way; they detract from the readability of the document.

Proximity: Proximity is an issue with this flyer. The black block of text to the right of the figure of the man is too close to the image. His left arm is also too close to the information to the left making the document feel vertically squished. The text below the figure of the man is also to close to him as well as too close to “Competition Lifts”. Proximity of the three text lines of the various lifts to one another is fairly large compared to that of the text in other text blocks. This leads to an issue with repetition.

Overall this flyer needs to be made more dynamic while also being made cleaner (i.e., adjusting text alignment/spacing/placement). The focus can also be taken away from “Rocky’s Fitness & Training” and instead placed on “Powerlifting Competition”.

Document Redesign: Critique


Project 1.
Drove up the 154 and turned off onto West Camino Cielo to snap this shot near the Winchester Canyon Gun Club. Added some color correction, sharpness adjustment, and changed up the background a bit.

selfie original   

Shot this on my Nikon D5200 with the help of a couple LED light panels. FYI, taking a selfie on manual focus without a buddy to lend a hand is a major pain!